Your daughter's self-worth is worth your time

Your daughter's self-worth is worth your time. My friend Confidence Asiimwe is a counseling psychologist and she says” “Usually I ask girls in primary school who of you wants to be a boy. Almost three quarters of the pupils raise their hands up. When I ask the boys who wants to be a girl none of them puts up their hands up. Girls say they want to be boys because boys are treated special, boys do not do housework, boys do not go through child birth, boys do not experience menstrual periods, men get more money The list seems to be endless, say Confidence. Unfortunately these feelings seem to move with women into adulthood. Where women inspite their education and achievements still feel less valuable consequently they settle for being tossed about and being confused. Raising our daughter with self worthiness does not mean we hide from them the gender challenges that they will face as women. Rather it means that if need be we make them anticipate them and give them the tools to navigate them. Last week I shared that presence is one way of building your daughter‘s sense of self worthiness. Today I will add values. Give your daughter a values system that will be their yard stick in life. A value system makes them know that they can live by what they know is valuable and they do not need to fall for anything. That gives them confidence to stand up even when they are pushed to the wall.