What does Coaching and mentoring mean?

Coaching and mentoring means we let kids tag along: Some people do not like moving with children because they find it cumbersome and tiring. But if you are going to teach them the things you must teach them, you must move with them and work with them on your farm, house project, bee project, they must see you fold sleeves and getting to work, they must see you pouring some sweat, working out payments to your workers, they must t be with you to see how your sort out things. This is the best lecture you will give your children about working hard without saying even a word. But unfortunately many parents wake up at 5pm to go to the farm and leave the children sleeping in bed. And when they return with food in the boot they have to plead with hem to get it from the car boot.What will happen to all you have worked for on the farm if you do not teach your children what you know ? The earlier you start tagging children along on your journeys the easier it will be for your . But even if your kids are teens, it is not too late to get them going to the farm or to work along with you , nothing builds relationship like this approach. .Whatever your can do with your children do it . Whatever you can teach then and teach them now.