Twelve business success lessons I learned...

Here are the twelve business success  lessons  I learned  from  Mrs.Karugaba  of Nina Interiors in 14 days  and  how they can help you  succeed in your  own business: Every year hundreds of Ugandans start new businesses. And according to Enterprise Uganda, a leading   business consultancy firm in the   country, more than 60 percent of those newly created business ventures do not survive their first birthday.

Nina Interiors, a leading furniture and home décor company is among the few indigenous companies that has not only survived but has also thrived for the last 25 years. In my opinion they deserve applause.

As a way of celebrating their 25 years of existence, they decided to donate sewing materials and offer training to slum women of Katanga whom I work with.   I worked with   73 year  old  Mrs.Karugaba,  Founder  and CEO of  Nina Interiors   during these two  weeks and  through observing her personality, the culture she has built and the  systems she has set up  and through the conversations we had,  I was able to tell  why  Nina interiors has survived and thrived where others have failed and fallen .  

1.You can start small and grow big : Mrs.Karugaba  started off  selling  the things  that any house wife can sell. Bread Bans baked from her own home oven which as a secretary she took to her work place and supplied to whoever wanted to eat some bread. From there she opened a grocery shop in Wandegeya and from there she went into furniture at Jinja road. Save from your home run or boot run business and you will be able to start something bigger, she says.  “ I was orphaned early in  life so me and my siblings had to learn how to  survive on our own early in life” she says .

2.  Master customer care:  From the first time I set my foot  at Nina interiors I was  greeted first  by the gate man .All the  staff  I met along the stair way  greeted me with a vibrant hello .I think they are only rivaled  by  Aristoc  bookshop  where even  guards  will do their best to guide you to  a bookshelf  in the rare event that  you cannot  find  a customer care person to help you .

3. Mrs.Karugaba starts her work early : She is the proverbial  early bird  that  catches the worm:  At 73 years of age, Mrs. Alice Karugaba has every right to stay in bed and sleep as long as she wants ,but it is clear she has refused to take that path. By 6.30a.m she  is already out and about with business.I was doing my morning workout at 6.30a.m and she was already sending me   messages. I have not had  a business dealing with someone who sends me messages that early. I was surely impressed.