The  Mama Tendo centre

Last year   I announced   during the Mama Tendo women's tea party meeting a fund raising drive to raise money for the Mama Tendo Centre. It was to a group of ladies who had attended the Tea Party. Now am going public with the   campaign to raise money to buy land where the Mama Tendo Centre will sit.

 The Mama Tendo Centre is not a personal monument but rather a gift to the families of this great nation and to the generations present and those to come.

It will be a place where strong   family values will be promoted   and where children's full potential and leadership skills will be developed and enhanced. It will have a fully fledged research department on pertinent family issues including maternal health. I hope that through this service we will be able to influence policies and facilitate reforms.

We (we at Mama Tendo Foundation and you) are raising 350 million shillings to buy a plot of land on which the centre will sit. So the next one year is going to see us stretching a leg to pull this money together.  It calls for lots of energy. I am by this email soliciting for your good will as  well as your pledges.

 The Mama Tendo centre will:

1.    It will act as a National Parenting and family center.
2.     It will house the Mama Tendo offices
3.    It will host conference facilities and training rooms
4.    It will have   counseling rooms
5.    It will have a children's Library
6.    It will have a research center on family related issue.

How is the money going to be raised
I have drawn up a number of strategies which I will be progressively sharing with you that are going to be used to raise this money

How can you help.

1.Donate   a mimum  of  50k  and  above to the  building of  the center( I will not  refuse  a 30k  but donations in groups of 50K ) will help us reach our goals faster.   
2. Donations 200k   and above will attract a framed certificate of appreciation. Otherwise everyone will receive a letter of appreciation for your contribution. 
  We have a spread sheet which shows us how much we have collected and how much is pending.