Katanga Kids Party

Mama Tendo Foundation was honored to celebrate with Katanga children...


The Slums and the Way Forward

In the slums, there are high HIV rates, abject poverty, and lack of access to clean water, among

Katanga Slum 

Katanga History:

Katanga is one of the biggest slums in Kampala, with a population of over 20,000 people, of which more than 50% are children. The slums have got a large number of sex workers, vendors, and brewers of local alcoholic drinks among other petty dealings.

There are cases of malnutrition in the slums. Many children have only one meal a day. There are also many teenage mothers. There are incidences of sexual abuse of children and child neglect.

The majority of the residents in these slums are the neediest among the urban groups.  

Mama Tendo foundation has carried out a number of projects with regard to;

·         Breastfeeding

·         Child Nutrition

·         Maternal, and Reproductive  Health

·         Infant Nutrition

·         Cervical cancer screening

·         Food nutrition demonstrations

Issues raised by mothers in the slums

  • The women want  fathers encouraged to be more involved with children issues
  • Mothers   have  challenges with  incomes  and  need  support to be able  to provide for their  families
  • Mothers need family planning services in the area, to help them space their children better.
  • Mothers have expressed interest in forming mother support groups, to help them regarding issues of breasting and young children’s feeding.
  • They need income assistance in starting income generating projects to help them grow family income. This will help them look after their families better. 
  • Expressing milk is something new to most mothers. They need more information on how to do it.
  • The community acknowledges that exclusive breastfeeding is a challenge to mothers who believe that their children can start on other feeds at four months.  

Having worked with Katanga women for over six years, and appreciated their situation, Mama Tendo Foundation is seeking to solve some of the problems surrounding the slum. These include but are not limited to; Malnutrition, lack of education, poverty, poor maternal and reproductive Health. The best way to solve these problems is to seek solutions from within the community itself. Currently, we are focussing on two strategies to help empower the community;


This begun in January 2013 and aims at teaching the women about; financial management and expenditure, Business challenges and how to overcome them, and building a successful community savings group. The women came to a consensus to start by collecting money within themselves, and later on use that very money to lend out to trustworthy members of the community. The vision is to see this savings scheme grow beyond the community so that the group can lend out to even people outside Katanga slum.


An assessment was made, and it was found that many of the women in Katanga lack skills. Many of them are former sex workers. However with the skills equipment project, it will help empower these women to; Start and learn business, and eventually expand their businesses. This project has numerous requirements which the women cannot readily afford.

Below is a list of these items;

A sewing kit. This includes machine niddles, fabric, packets of zips, measuring tapes, paper and fabric scissors, feam rippers, pins, rulers, hand niddles among other items.

Sewing machines

Rolls of cloth

We are encouraging you to donate to this cause. You can either donate, or buy any of the listed items below for the Katanga women.




Sewing machine

Between 350,000- 400,000

Roll of cloth

Between 500,000- 600,000


If you have any other skills you believe will help these women move from the cycle of poverty, you are welcome to help them.

For more information on this, contact Agnes on 0700752781