Focus on self esteem first:

If you are raising girls, focus on self esteem first: Psychologists and pediatrician, James Dobson says if it is self esteem first. Self esteem seems to be the number one...

10 Parenting lessons from the movie sound of music

Teach your son to express themselves

If you are raising sons do not allow them to nod their heads in response to questions. Use every opportunity to make them talk and express themselves.

When your kids challenge you.

Whenever my kids really challenge me, i think of the Mother St. Augustine. St.

Parenting individuals

Much as you are parenting a team you are also parenting individuals.

What does Coaching and mentoring mean?

Coaching and mentoring means we let kids tag along: Some people do not like moving with children because they find it cumbersome and tiring. But if you are going to teach them

Your daughter's self-worth is worth your time

My friend Confidence Asiimwe is a counseling psychologist and she says” “Usually I ask girls in primary school who of you wants to be a boy.