Men must act in marraige

You cannot support something for years and fail to love it. People talk about politics and football more than they talk about their families and this breaks the bond.   However you can use these as a lead to talking about your family issues especially for spouses whose partners are never around. As you talk football, you can bring in family talk.


We need to involve our wives in what we do. If it is your job let them know, there should be a minimum level of transparency with finances, openness on revenue and expenditure. Finances can make or break a home.

Every serious man must know beauty is made

Some men look at other women and wonder why their wives do not look as good. Whatever you see with the other lady, your wife has it all, take time to invest in your woman.  Buy her clothes, shoes make up, perfume. Do not go around admiring other people’s women make yours look nice in your eyes.

Over delegating leadership roles.

Even when a wife has more money than her husband  that’s not a reason to give away your role of protection, guidance, love and leadership to you her.

If you do not have money to pay tuition or fees, you can decide on what schools your children should go to and how your house should be run.

Men should be the decision makers of a home if your wife suggests that you do something and you don’t think it is for the benefit of the family, say no and give reasons why.You must provide protection to your family.

Married kids

A man who beats up his wife is a kid, a man who doesn’t provide for his family with the reason my wife can afford is also a kid. There are so many men that have gotten married but still act like children.


There is no marriage that can survive without minimum level of trust. Men that check their wives phones for male contacts, or become insure when around other men show that they have failed to trust their wives.

Family time

Make time for your family. My schedule before I got children, I used to go home late it has changed my schedule I am now accountable to not just my wife but also my children. Personally I do not pick up calls on Sunday afternoon; this is time for me and my children we go swimming, play games and talk. We have grown so close that they tell me stuff they cannot tell their mother.

Do not judge at the strength of marriage on how many times we disagree but on the number of times we are able to sit and understand each other.