Mama Tendo is a respected speaker in the field of parenting and family. She has for over ten years written a parenting column in the New Vision newspaper. She has spoken in various forums. In 2012 Mama Tendo was recognized as one of the women achievers who have written extensively about maternal health and child survival.

 In 2012 she was recognized by the Ministry of Health for her contribution to child survival. She is one of the champions for maternal health awareness. She is recognized for her effort in raising awareness about child survival and maternal health and also raising money for up country hospitals.

Mama Tendo is well versed with the parenting and family topic. She can speak about the following topics and many more.  She is available to speak to parenting audiences, children groups, couple’s meetings and women’s groups on various topics.  Mama Tendo can speak on these topics and many more.

  1. How to handle challenging behavior in children
  2. How to  raise responsible teenagers
  3. Why saving women and children should be key on our agenda
  4. How  corporate organizations can play a key role in saving women and children
  5. How to make the early years count.
  6. Creating a winning partnership in your marriage
  7.  Prayer: the key that can open unimaginable doors.
  8. Fathers; why we need them now more than ever.
  9.  Hitting barriers to reach success.
  10. Mentoring young women, helping them reach  their potential
  11. Making parenting matter while you work.
  12. Raising achievers, what parents must do.
  13. Why character building should be key in parenting.
  14. Parenting the heart, winning our children children’s allegiance.
  15. Raising families that work together.
  16. Bridal Showers

 Invite Mama Tendo to speak on these topics.  Send her an email  parenting  or  or call 0702760241