Mama Tendo Foundation is a faith based charity that focuses on family, child upbringing and maternal health. The organization is involved in a number of maternal and child survival projects. Mama Tendo Foundation has been at the forefront of breastfeeding campaigns, as well as raising funds to buy incubators for upcountry hospitals. Mama Tendo's works has been appreciated and recognized by  a  number of people in the  in the country including being voted as one of the women achievers by New Vision readers 2012  and being recognized by the Ministry of Health  Uganda for her  contribution  to Maternal Health and Child survival.  Below are some of the programs that Mama Tendo Foundation holds throughout the year.

Expectant mothers retreat

Through these workshops, the foundation is able to fulfill its goal of equipping parents with the up to date information about pregnancy and child birth. Lack of proper information about the health of a mother during pregnancy can lead to lots of dangers to both mother and child. One way of reducing maternal and neonatal death is furnishing expecting parents with the right information.    

Expectant women’s groups

This is a maternal and child survival program focuses on low income women in the slums .In this program, expectant mothers are recruited and they meet in groups to discuss the key aspects of care during pregnancy and the care of the newborn. During this program issues discussed include, postnatal infections, cord care, prematurity, breastfeeding and nutrition which are all key child survival aspects. Mama Tendo Foundation has carried out these mother groups in Katanga slums.

Breastfeeding advocacy

Mama Tendo Foundation has been at the forefront of Breastfeeding campaigns in the country.

Breastfeeding is a key child survival element. In Uganda although almost 80 percent of the children breastfeed, key breastfeeding practices like early initiation, exclusive breastfeeding prolonged breastfeeding up to two years are poorly practiced. Mama Tendo Foundation is working with other stakeholders including, Ministry of Health, UNICEF on breast feeding as a women right and child survival strategy.

Infant and Young child feeding practices

Mama Tendo Foundation has been extensively involved in Infant and Young children Feeding programs (IYCF) First breastfeeding, proper weaning as a way of combating childhood malnutrition and stunted growth. Following up to date guidelines developed by the Ministry of Health, Nutrition Department and with UNICEF, Mama Tendo Foundation was able to carry out a project on combating childhood malnutrition in Katanga and Kifumbira slums in Kampala. The program included teaching parents key practices in weaning of children such as timing, food value, food mixes, among others. In this aspect Mama Tendo Foundation has done outreaches in Kayunga, Luweero and Makindye. We have also held several seminars with working mothers on proper child nutrition. Adaptation of research based practices like consumption of Zinc to prevent diarrhea. Child nutrition is one of our key programs.

Reproductive health

Mama Tendo Foundation has been at the fore front in promoting reproductive health among working mothers and disadvantaged women around the slums of Kampala. The Foundation with a grant from Vital Voices executed a reproductive health program in Katanga slums. Women were taught about their reproductive health and the Foundation also carried out screening for cervical and breast cancer. Annually the foundation organizes free   screening camps for women from all walks for life.

  Mama Tendo Kids Character building Workshop

Mama Tendo kids’ workshop is a forum that brings together children from ages 3-13 years. The purpose is to help develop character in children. Character is best developed in children because it is during this time that children are eager to learn and discover new things. It is also during this time that they are more responsive to guidance, mentoring and tutoring. Topics covered at these workshops include;

  • Honesty and dishonesty

  • Citizenship ( love for the nation)

  • Respect and culture

  • Manners and etiquette

  • Money and savings

Tumusaidie Mama Outreach

Under this program the foundation seeks to reach out to the neediest people of our society sharing hope and reassurance, and encouraging them to believe God and not give up in the midst of challenges.

The foundation also seeks through this program to create linkages between the more privileged women and the underprivileged women through working and serving together for the common good.

The foundation has been able to Visit Luzira prisons and hold party for slums kids. Through this program, the foundation is planning to impart income generation skills to the women in the slums, starting 2013.  

The program also raised money to restock incubators for upcountry hospital, through the Tumusaidie Mama program. We have so far been able to raise money for Arua hospital.   

Mama Tendo Music Project

Mama Tendo music project is our newest children’s product. The project is an exciting and educative musical drama for children right from ages 3-13 years. Children will learn performing art skills (vocal coaching, drama, and dance). This will be crowned with a professional music studio and video recording production.

We have composed great songs about the values learnt during the kid’s workshops which we have held for the past year in every school holiday. We trust that we shall produce the best children’s video in East Africa. The music project is scheduled to take off in December 2012.