How to bond with kids in boarding school

5. Talk to the teachers: Take it as a priority to meet your child's class teacher and even to have their phone number. Teachers hold key information about our children's academic progress and behaviour at school. Ask 2-3 teachers for an honest opinion about your child in regards to obeying school rules, homework, respect for teachers, and relationship with friends. If you honestly desire feedback as far as it concerns your child, teachers will be able to give it to you. Have a discussion with your child about the feedback you have got. Get to know their opinion and where reform is needed discuss together the way forward.

6. Meet their friends: Take it as important to know who your child's friends are and where possible get to know who their parents are. Friends define our common interests. Ones friends tell us part of who they are. Knowing your child's friends, they tell you something you may not know about your child. It is true that bad company ruins good character but good company builds good character. Intervening in wrong relations on time may define your child's failure or success not only in school but in life.