Focus on self esteem first:

If you are raising girls, focus on self esteem first: Psychologists and pediatrician, James Dobson says if it is self esteem first. Self esteem seems to be the number one challenge girls face. “Self-esteem is used to describe a person's overall sense of self-worth or personal value. Dobson says he carried out studies with thousands of women many of them married, with children, educated with careers but their sense of self worth was wanting .When asked what their core need was the majority said they needed more self esteem, a sense of self worthiness. This explains why young girls will stay with an abusive boyfriend who calls them an idiot, cheats on them and treats them as worthless but they still cry how they love them and cannot let go of them... I think it also explains why young educated women with responsible careers will sleep with a man they have only known for seven days without taking an HIV test or even taking any form of protection. It is about a sense of self worthiness. The value they place on themselves is too low. Build self esteem first if you are raising girl. And i will tell you that presence is the first step to building self worthlessness. Spending time with them, doing things with them and answering all their stupid silly questions gives your girls a sense of importance and value. Someone important as their parent is paying attention to them. Imagine if the president stopped over at your house to say hello and spent two hours at your home. He patiently listens to all your stories without looking at the watch, you crack jokes and he laughs, he tells you repeat stories because he wants to hear them again. What will you feel about yourself when he leaves and the rest of your life? Now you are the president in your children's lives, you ought to be treating them like that every day and this is what will build their self esteem. This is one sure way of building a girl's self esteem.