Are fathers undergoing a metamorphosis?

Are  current Dads undergoing change? Fatherhood has changed.

From "a bad boy" to a good Father

How   one man  became a  more responsible father. The choices he made and how they have  rewarded.    

Dad sacrificed everything for us to go to school

Coming from a polygamous family was not very easy but I thank God because He saw us through it all...




I call him "my blue rose"

Brand Adubango is a father I call “the blue rose,” because these are hard to come by in life...


Tips on being a good father

There is one fact that no one can change. That your child will only have one set of   biological parents. 

Lagitin...Daddy's Little Girl

Standing on the sofa, my father would let me plait his hair as he watched the evening news, when all the women in the house could not let me mess up theirs...

Remembering Daddy

A year ago I lost my father, the late Alexander Mayende Okumu. I remember the last days of his life...

Father-daughter relationship

Last weekend we celebrated father’s day. I But perhaps the most relevant thing...