The beauty of breastfeeding

My Sons loved Breast milk

Genivive  Wambulembo

 Seven years ago, I gave birth to our son MacSmith a 3.15kg by “who did not know” how to breastfeed. For the first two days we struggled to have him hook on to the nipple in vain. I was frustrated and I came short of tears. I had so much milk. Breast milk started dripping out of my breasts while still pregnant!

        But I was not to give up on my breastfeeding because of this initial set back. I was given advice that worked out for me. Someone advised me to express some beast milk and drop it in his mouth so that he can test how good it was.

         I did so and once he tested it, he attempted to breastfeed until he succeeded.

           When I conceived another baby Keith 2007, Mc Smith continued to breastfeed. The first trimester was not easy for me as my survival depended on intravenous every two weeks but Mcsmith continued to breastfeed.

        Friends and relatives thought I was crazy and they discouraged. They told me that  the unborn baby will be very tiny and with the older one  would fall sick ( obwosi)  However when I shared  it with Dr. Nabakooza at Sas Clinic she advised me to continue breastfeeding as long as I was eating nutritious meals. It was very hard to stop McSmith from breastfeeding  

        I once attempted to stop him from breastfeeding. I took him to a friend’s place for a week but the first thing he told me when I went to pick him was “ Mummy I want to breastfeed.”

When we returned home, he resumed breastfeeding. It was very demanding but the benefits my son was deriving pushed me to breastfeed longer. Mcsmith never suffered from a flu in the early years and that to me was a testimony of the   protection against infection that breast milk gives.  I also treasure the bonding that breastfeeding created between me and my son.

       Whenever Mcsmith would breastfeed, he would say things like, “Mum Thanks… nice…..sweet” I was very proud of that. I knew I was making him happy. Meanwhile my pregnancy was advancing.

  I had to prepare Mcsmith to receive his brother. I had to teach him that a baby was coming and the baby had to suckle mummy’s breast first before he could suckle. So I would pretend to be feeding the baby in my tummy with the breast.

         Every morning he would remind me to breastfeed the baby so that he could also breastfeed. After the 40 weeks Keith was born. I decided to breastfeed both boys because I failed to wean McSmith off the breast. He could let his brother breastfeed first and then he would breastfeed second.

     At 2 years, 9months, my mother took him away for three weeks and by the time he came back he had forgotten the test of breast milk.

          Today Keith is 7months and Mcsmith is three years. But once in a while he s till asks for breast milk. “Mummy also me give me some” he says and when I give him the breast, he suckles!

          I am still breastfeeding Keith after breastfeeding him exclusively for six months. He is also enjoying breastfeeding like his brother. I have enjoyed breastfeeding my sons, I feel l I have given them what they needed most in their   infancy, that is breastfeeding. feel I have   bonded with them in the early years which is very important  for their   wholesome  development.