Baby Care

Wonders in the womb

Did you know that an unborn baby is able to taste different flavours from the foods its mother eats while she she pregnant?

Crying in Newborn Babies

One of the challenges new parents face quite often is managing a crying baby...  

Normal labour after c-section

Although a previous cesarean scar delivery increases a woman’s chances of having a

My breastfeeding journey

Breastfeeding has been a journey of discovery for me...

I pushed a 4.4Kg baby

When I discovered we were expecting Crystal, I was excited about the pregnancy. This being our first child...

Complications after child birth

The days and weeks that follow child birth can be very challenging to a mother.

I had a pre-mature birth

She  survived through a  difficult marriatge while raising a preterm baby

Too much bleeding dangerous

Bleeding is inevitable during child birth.