10 Parenting lessons from the movie sound of music

I have written 10 parenting lessons from the 1965 movie sound of music. Hope you can pick one or two ideas from these lessons.
Home is not a military school: Militaristic living is good for the army but not good for family life. The whistle blowing captain has turned his home into a military barracks! The first time we meet this family we are all in shock at how the children behave .They are emotionless and distanced .Captain successfully turned the children into little robots who obey his commands other than expressive human beings that will relate with other

1. A mother’s role in a home is not easy to replace : The absence of a mother in a home has a huge a impact and it is not easy for one spouse to play both mother and father. When we met the vantrop family we are shocked by the sad faces they wear. The captain seems to be so distant and withdrawn it is clear that children are missing the emotion connection that comes from having a mother around. The tragedy has also turned their father into an ice cold autocratic who is not connecting with his children.

2. Children need time :To bond with children you must give them time : The emotionally distanced children of captain Von Trapp were rejuvenated when Maria started spending lot of time with them and doing activities with them . She stepped into their shoes and became like one of them in order to win them over. The children were cheeky and at first caused her trouble. They bonded so well.

3. Children need creativity: One of the ways Maria won the heart s of the children was her creativity. She hated the uniforms with a passion so she got colorful curtains and made beautiful out fit for the children and engaged a lot of other creative activities .



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